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Were MEH to appear in the dictionary, it would fall between the words MEGRIM and MEIJI. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, megrim is

  1. A severe headache
  2. A caprice or fancy
  3. Depression or unhappiness
  4. A disease of cattle and horses.

The term Meiji refers to the reign of Emperor Mutsuhito of Japan, and signifies "enlightened government." MEH deals with none of these definitions really, though some would argue that MEH is more likely a severe headache or cattle disease than the herald of a new government. Perhaps.

The chronicles of MEH are various stories and tales concerning the growth of the popular usage of MEH. Focus is on the Pedagogues, or teachers, of the proper usage and meanings of MEH. The MEH Guru, a semi-mystical, mostly fictitious, totally strange symbol for all that MEH represents, ties the sections together, a necessary function in a work contributed to by several authors.

The stories are strange. Beneath the convoluted plot lines and characters and dialogues, however, lie statements concerning the world we live in, or at least believe we live in. Some stories ring of the ridiculous, a couple boarder on the profound, all hopefully, somewhere, sometime, possess the power to send a smile creeping across someone's face. What's so strange about stories that have the power to do that?

Grab a tall iced tea, lean back in that chair or on the lawn, and enjoy. And don't be afraid to giggle, laugh, or cry. After all, we are human.