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John IV

A great unease had fallen over the land of Capo where MEH liked to live. The disciples seemed scattered and the Great MEH Guru had gone on a fishing trip. The Word was spreading yes, no, maybe-so, but so was the violent opposition to it. The anti-meh had tempted many a soul into leading a useful and productive life, forsaking the Way of MEH. But, the many disciples had been dedicated to their mission to spread the Word and Way, and took this opposition with a grain of salt, a dash of pepper, some oregano, some carrot slices, and had soup.

Within the camp of MEH these times of trial had caused no division of the supporters, while the feeble rebellion had varying groups of resistance which fought amongst themselves. Pedagogue William tried to explain to me why it was that these morons did hear the word, yet did not hear the Word and sense it properly.

"My ignorant child Pedagogue John," he said, trying to act cool, which he wasn't because he was wearing a sweater while it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit, "these people do not believe because they do not try to understand, and only through understanding MEh is there truth, for those who do not understand there can be only darkness, and they cannot see beyond it into the light. Think of it as a narrowing tunnel."

"Why?" I asked, feeling a question was appropriate.

"Because," William replied, "the tunnel's always getting smaller and you're gonna eat it real soon if you don't get to the light of MEH."

"But I still don't get it."

"MEH! Neither do I, I'm just babbling, but there must be a reason for disbelief and all the stupidity associated with it."

So the Pedagogues, Disciples, and Multitudes of MEH were able to live with the ignorant ignoramuses who refused to accept. The unease was still there, but the followers of the Ultimate Word swore not to beat up the anti-meh just for philosophical reasons. Well, not to often anyway.