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John VII

The following of the Great MEH Guru's Word and Way of MEH has been unjustly misnamed by many. Some skeptics go as far as to charge that there exists a Church of Meh. No no Joe. MEH is not a religion, but rather a powerful word that offers one wisdom beyond that normally available, and, just like a chain-letter, if you break the faith you may have bad luck. MEH needs no church nor any of that stuff.

Some people even believe that they represent the wishes of the Great Guru, the MEH Guru, the Keeper of the Doughnut of Truth; but they don't. It is those false prophets and shysters that will lead you away from MEH and towards darkness. They spread the word for their own selfish reasons.

It is the Pedagogues who are the true teachers of the Word, and they are the favoured of the Great MEH. The Disciples, of which there are countless numbers, are lesser in knowledge, dedication, and power, and they take the task of teaching by example. Some truly see the light, like the Pedagogues and Disciples, while others see something else.

This something is not the light, holy and holey, but a Gummy Bear. These people tend to drive cars with fuzzy dice or shaggy seats that shed, or flick their brights on and off, or collect fungus. The Multitudes of MEH include all who knowingly use the word, even if they cannot spread the Word. It is the word MEH which begins the evolution, and the Word of MEH is the result.