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John X

When I first encountered Dunfie I was a little confused. I didn't quite know what to make of him. He was in a conversation with the Great Guru of MEH at the time. The conversation consisted of this man repeatedly playing his accordion and asking the Guru for some "spare change." The Guru repeatedly answered "MEH." Not exactly the world's most literate men, but that's the way it happened.

I approached the MEH Guru and Dunfie, the latter immediately asking for spare change from me. The Guru, aware that Dunfie was asking me for spare change, gave Dunfie a warning stare, warning Dunfie not to ask Him for spare change again, or they would have to go trough the same "spare change?"-"MEH" routine. I replied "no," and got the urge to say "Meh," but I had the feeling that Dunfie had heard that response before and must be tiring of it. I asked the Guru who this guy was, and the All-wise Guru shrugged his shoulders and left us.

The Pedagogue William approached soon after, and said "Meh!" before Dunfie spoke, conveying a"Hello!" to me and a "No!" to Dunfie simultaneously. I asked him who this guy was. Pedagogue William answered that he had no idea. I asked if he had a name, and William replied that the man had none. I asked William if he called the nameless guy anything. He said sure, he called him Dunfie.

"Dunfie?" I exclaimed, "Isn't that a name?" My annoyance was obvious.

"Meh!" William said, "No, it's not a name. But what else would you call a man with a squeaky accordion and a dead monkey?' Having no answer for that startling piece of logic, I shrugged my shoulders and left them. Opps! I gathered my shoulders and then left.

Later I pondered the significance of this incident, and I realized that there really was no other way to describe a man with an accordion and a dead monkey except Dunfie.