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William Cuatro

The word MEH may be used in a large number of ways, but somethings just don't happen, even to a word. This chapter serves as a guide in deciding if MEH is indeed appropriate at a given moment. First a few meanings and situations where this word applies will be given.

  1. Sheer frustration at stupidity, complexity, or difficulty.
    Example: "Two plus two is four, understand?"
    "Yes, two plus two makes a Volvo."
  2. To indicate anger.
    Example: "Sorry, but I lost your car keys."
  3. Indicating that you see the irony in a situation.
  4. As a greeting between the Multitudes of MEH.
  5. Reply made to inquiring people who annoy you.
  6. Comeback to a stupid or inappropriate cut-down or criticism.
    Example: "You're unoriginal."
  7. Showing sympathy, awe, or some other deep, shared emotion.
    Example: "My dog just died."

Of course, variations of these basic ideas are generally acceptable; however, some people will try to warp the sense of MEH. Common errors include the following:

  1. Using MEH as a verb. Example: "Go meh a fire hydrant."
  2. Using MEH as an adjective.
    Example: "That was a meh movie."
  3. Using MEH as an adverb or undefined noun.
    Example: "Drive mehly. Drive like a meh."
  4. Never ever ever (We Mean It!) add a prefix or suffix to MEH. The plural of MEH is MEH. Never use an apostrophe "s" to make MEH possessive.
    Bad Usage: mehing, meher, unmeh, mehs, mehisms, meh's meaning, meh's origin
    Good Usage: "He used five MEH in an hour." Meaning of MEH, Origin of MEH

The meh is not the truest form, so it can be used for the many unorthodox things which MEH should never be subjected to, ever.