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Jennifer 2

One fine day when I was quite bored and none of my friends where home to go to the beach or to the movies or bowling or dancing or party or to the mall even or to the arcade to play video games or cruising for ... or just to come over and visit. I formulated a Question that only one person could answer. Well, my mom, wasn't home at the time, so I decided that the MEH Guru would have to do.

I had a problem of finding the Guru, because it's not always so easy to find Him when you are looking for Him, but when you are not looking for Him at all but doing something important or not even so important but personal like using the facilities, should I say, or writing a note to your significant other, He seems to pop up unexpectedly. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, so started by searching high and low. No, He wasn't there either; I don't think He does drugs. I mean, being Guru is enough of a natural high anyway.

I tried the arcade and No, He wasn't there either, so I went to Stuft Pizza, and I was getting upset because Star Trek started soon and I didn't want to miss it. Over in the dingy, smokey cornet, I spotted Him, and rushed over to the table. I sat down to ask Him the Question and He held up a hand.

Then I remembered, I hadn't ordered yet! Such infinite wisdom the Guru has! So I trekked up to the counter to order the next best thing to a real one, a root beer. Luckily, my friend, Disciple Greg, worked there so I got it really cheap. I ran back to the MEH Guru's table and asked Him the Question.

"What do I do about the anti Meh herd?"

At the mention of those loathsome people, the Guru nearly choked on his cold Corona cervesa. He spoke the three words I always knew Him to say, "My Dear," (which for some reason he always called me dear, and not any of the other Pedagogues. Not that I really blame Him; I don't think they'd be too thrilled if He did call them dear ...)

" MEH."

In a vision that came from the nearest air vent, I quickly understood this to mean the following:

When you are confronted with any of these awful people, especially the new leader who replaced Hale Dale, the evil Snot Scott, you must muster up with all your might the word they hate to even hear -- MEH. Then proceed to tell them about yourself and it will be too much for their miniscule brains to bear. They will run away screaming from your presence. And, to be the wonderful follower of MEH that you are, you then can say, "Live long and prosper."

With these closing words I remembered the Star Trek episode I wanted to watch, thanked Him profusely, and hurried home.

But I still missed Star Trek.