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The origin of the Word is lost in Time (q.v. history, past, future, antiquity, 11:50 p.m. for additional reference material and to kill time, so to speak. Ah mmh.) Some of the Multitudes of Meh point to a moment, with laser pointers and whatnot, over a decade hence, whence two gents did commence, adorned not in chintz, and in a quince lead to all this nonsense. In late 1986, unreliable sources first reported that the Word was being spoken. One excerpt reads:

In the hallways of a nearby correctional institution, they call them high school, I heard the Word spoken. One being said to the other being, and I quote, "Meh." The second being was agitated, and they proceeded to dual using 'dem bones or dice, and I left the area.

Despite citations in the file of said agent indicating that he/she was an incorrigable 'yes being', it seems harmless to say that this was a true event, and that the Ultimate Word was active at that time. Although none of this matters, there was a point that I was trying to make, but I cannot. I need more batteries for this pointer wand thingy. Meh.