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John V

In the Land of MEH lies the Great Donut of Truth. To take a bite of the Donut is to have divine knowledge. Unfortunately, someone's already eaten most of it.

A man stumbled upon the Donut one day, and he, being extremely hungry, devoured it almost entirely. The earth rattled and spit fire, birds dropped from the sky and fish sprouted wings and flew. But not seeing any birds made the animals feel strange, so the fish went back down to the seas and visited Neptune on the deluxe package tour. After that the man burped, causing large drops of lemonade to fall like rain. Not totally aware of what he had done, he said something totally unfamiliar to him, something all new and revolutionary. He said "MEH."

The lemonade ceased falling, the birds flew back into the sky, and the fire stopped spurting from the earth. The clouds parted and a solid beam of light came from the sky and hit the man in the forehead, and the man spoke.

"...(long pause of about a minute and a half).. I said a Bud Light!"

At this point the word MEH began and the man became the Great MEH Guru. All from just eating a doughnut. A jelly-filled doughnut. A strawberry jelly-filled doughnut with a light powered sugar frosting from which he took a large bite. Which just goes to show you that you should never ever EVER eat a whole dozen doughnuts by yourself because you never know what you could start.

M e h . . .