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William Zwei

Before the Dow Jones topped 1800, the Word already existed. It was with the Disciples, and it was the same as the Pedagogues. Though the word could be many things, no expression in all creation was not represented by MEH, except perhaps it never means,

"Yes, we have no bananas, but let's watch 'I Love Lucy' reruns anyway and vote the Socialist ticket this November."

The Word was a source of joy, frustration, and a limited but rich vocabulary which brought joy, frustration, and excitement to the people who heard it, used it, and tried to cook it up with onions, butter, and jack cheese, which is quite tasty but requires Tabasco for a real zing.

The Word lives in the light, but can also challenge the dark. The disbelievers, the self-proclaimed anti-meh, have never harmed Meh, or even given it a bruise.

The MEH Guru sent a messenger, one Pedagogue William, who went to tell all the people about the Word, cheap auto insurance, and neat kitchen gadgets, so that all people should hear of MEH, or at least get insurance or a nifty Ginsu knife. The Wisdom of MEH, which is a part of the MEH Guru, came to earth on the way to a Minor-deity convention on Halley's Comet.

As Pedagogue William walked the halls of Capo, the city upon a hill to act as a beacon in the night, the place from which people matriculate to many other institutions of standardized indoctrination, blah blah blah... Anyway, he went to Capo to spread the Word. The local freshmen-like people and others who thought they were ultra-bitchin', but were really moronic little twits, came to William as he walked, and with the aid of their leader, Hale Dale, they blocked Pedagogue William's way, and spoke to him, asking,

"Who are you?" they asked.

William did not refuse to answer, but spoke out openly and clearly, saying, "I am not Roger Moore."

"Who are you then," demanded Dale. "Are you Prince?"

"NO!" William forcefully stated, and then tried to leave, but the mob held him and again asked,

"Are you a crustacean?"

"MEH!" yelled William, and they let him go, and they backed away in shock, asking,

"Then, WHO ARE YOU?"

The Pedagogue answered by making up a saying as he went along;

"I am a bird who falls off of a branch, tries to fly back up to his perch, and slams into the nearest groundhog. I am a dog who chases my own nose and gets lost. I am called Monsignor. I am a follower of MEH!" William beamed proudly.

"Oh, well, have rotten day," they said, for all the salt-water mixed with MTV top Twenty hits corroded their brains and prevented then from hearing the Word. So, William purchased some blue thongs, a multi-color cap, a Gumby T-shirt, and some loud Bermuda shorts. He already had sunglasses and a "Make me MEH" button. The Guru approved of this anti-fashion statement, and sent Pedagogue William forth to receive more Disciples, and meet with Pedagogues John and John and Jennifer. And the truth of MEH covered the city and was good.