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Jennifer 1

MEH is a word. I knew that, you might say, but AHH! Do you know what it is all about? "No!" you might exclaim. Nobody knows that, you may suggest. Oh, but you are Wrong! The MEH Guru does, and the Pedagogues do. So MEH!

I was introduced into this Utopial way of life at the city of Capo, in my second institutional year, by the Pedagogue William. He could tell. How could He tell? He just KNOWS things! C'mon! He is a Pedagogue after all, and for many good reasons.

He could tell by my strange actions and loudmouthednes that I (yes, I) could possibly be the first female Pedagogue of MEH! To go where no woman has dared to go before -- the MEH Zone. Extremely flattered to be chosen for such a lofty position, my destined path in life was shown to me by a strangely clad male of the species waving to me across a room where we were learning the art of Badgerius Witnesses, or badgering and harassing the witness and tearing them apart. It is a fascinating technique which I have yet to master, but Pedagogue William is quite adept there. In other words, don't ask me, ask him!

My teacher, William, explained the origins and uses of MEH while we were traveling in a vehicle commonly called the "Big Yellow Twinkie" on our way to an extracurricular function which would look excellent on our transcripts. Once enlightened, I became a dedicated follower, fitting into the group of MEH followers with incredible ease and charm.

Giving credit where credit is due ( and I hate when things are overdue, like library books that you once checked out, but after you read it, mysteriously disappear, probably under your bed, but you never look there because things are growing out from under it, and you never get the book back to the library, so you have to pay all this money just because you had to read some book for your English class, which should be eliminated from school curriculum anyway -- we do know how to speak English already, thank you! It's not like we are stupid or know absolutely no English, but THEY must think we are dumb and I resemble, I mean resent that remark, being a blonde from California and all. So anyway, back to where credit is due ...) A Greg guy showed me some of the ropes of this wonderful organization, and was very nice about it by taking me to a nocturnal celebration at the city of Capo, where a congregation of students moved in weird gyrations to the beat of modern music.

Nevertheless, I finally met the Guru, and the greatness of His greatness awed me. He deemed me fit to be blessed with Pedagogue-ness of the female kind. And, to seal the agreement, He said the word we all cherish,

And so that is how I became a Pedagoguess.