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Jennifer 3

The third time I was blessed with the MEH Guru's presence, He appeard to me swathed in crimson robes, a golden staff in one hand, and in the other a drink of some delicious sort labelled Corona. He smiled in greeting at me as I was seated in the South Forty of my humble abode, where I reside with my Parental Units, and while scratching my ebony feline behind the ears,

He presented to me a shirt with tremendous qualities; the clor did match his robes and written in black script was my very own name, not anyone else's which is very beneficial because if I was talking to someone who kept forgetting my name, and I was wearing that shirt, they would think I was someone else, and not me, becuase they would read the wrong name from my shirt, and then be really confused, much like you are now.

Anyway, on the front was my name, and on the back it simply said "MEH". Foregtting myself for the moment (should have read the front of the shirt to remember!), I resorted to a very feminine gesture and threw myself around Him and then did osculate Him upon the cheek.

None of the other Pedagogues had over done this to Him, and probably still haven't, and I don't blame them since they are male, therefore the Guru quickly turned the color of his garments. Then I asked Him a question of such staggering importance that He thought long and hard (and all you snot-faced maggots out there with dirty minds can take that last bit anyway you like ... ) about it. The question was asked,

"How do they get the chocolate on all sides of the candy bars without flawing the chocolate covering with finger marks, from where they held onto the bars to dip them into the chocolate?"

And His answer was one that I compleely accepted and understood.

"MEH, my dear," he replied while scratching my cat behind the ears, then riding off on a purple cow, which you only find in Moscow when Gorbachev stands on his head and looks cross-eyed at a purple moon. This, if you couldn't guess, is not often.

My feline, from the touch of the Guru, has from that point on, ceased to say "Meow" and now says "Meh." I am truly bestowed with a remarkable cat, although the Guru wasn't happy when he found out my oracular cat had used His Staff as a scratching post, and had gotten black fur on His best robes. And you know who had to pay the cleaning bill.