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Here are educational institutions, companies, and areas that have confirmed exposure to MEH since 1986 by the Multitudes of MEH. Where has it spread from these areas, it is unknown ...

Orange County (CA), Capistrano Valley H.S, Mission Viejo H.S., Stuftt Pizza, Cal State Fullerton, Saddleback Valley C.C., UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, San Diego State, Southern California, UC Davis, Humboaldt State, Standfurd, Northern California, Harvard, Massachusettes, United States Naval Academy, Maryland, Vons Supermarkets, Auto Trader Magazines, Pinkerton Security, Sizzler, Chilli's, Tiawan (ROC), US Army (CA, Germany, Middle East), US Marine Corps (CA, Pacific, undisclosed), Waldenbooks, Crownbooks, Cal State SLO, Circuit City Stores, KLAS/KCLA/KTST FM radio, Intel Corporation, Las Vegas Nevada, nVidia, Geoworks, Mexico City, England (UK), Florida, Arizona, Sunquest Co., Texas, Fidelity National Title, Santa Margarita Catholic H.S., Washington State Patrol, Washington State, Micro Strategies, Micro General Corp., U.S. Postal Service, and the Simpsons TV show (spring 2001!)

Where have you encountered it? Please send email about where you first heard MEH and from who. Soon we can begin building our "Migration of MEH" timeline and world map, won't that be fun?!?" or visit the Message Board at Tripod The MEH Sage Brush