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First John

One day a man had three assignment sheets for his math class and many assignments, completed and ready for grading. He lent them to his friend who kept them for a long while. This friend returned the homework, but not the assignment sheets. Thus the humble man becameth angered and he killed his friend, his two children, and his wife. He again asked his friend for the three sheets, but his friend did not return them (being dead and all.) So, as a last resort, the humble man sought out someone full of wisdom and justice. This man was on vacation, so the humble man saw the MEH Guru instead.

The man approached the Great Guru and told him the story of his actions, asking for support for his retaliation and for help in retrieving the papers. The Guru then closed his eyes and thought for what seemed like hours but was really three seconds. The MEH Guru opened his eyes sharply and stared at the man, now a loyal servant, and then spoke unto him thusly;


So, the humble man went down from the mountain to his friend of whom he had killed his children and wife and spake unto him.

"I have seen the MEH Guru and asked for his wise advice, and he spake unto me, and told me to speak unto thee, so now I do speak unto you, and I say," a which point he paused for dramatic effect, and then finished with, "Meh!"

The humble servant of MEH gazed in horror as his old friend screamed and said unto his friend who had enlightened him with the wise word of the MEH Guru.

"No!" screamed the poor friend of the humble man, "Here is thy assignment sheet! Leave me, I have done nothing to deserve such cruel and powerful treatment!"

Henceforth the assignment sheets appeared unto the humble man, servant of MEH, and the friend, of whom he had killed his two children and wife, shrunk into nothingness and a thin bamboo pole grew from whence he had stood, and this bamboo pole then after was beknownst as the Great Tree of MEH and the humble MEH servant, first disciple to use the power and word which is MEH, was soon elevated to the status of Pedagogue of MEH, and went home, continuing to spread the Word of MEH and grow bamboo. He never did finish those math assignments, however.